Position Level
Individual Contributor
Information Technology
Position Type
Working Time
Remote, Remote
Travel Requirements

Description & Requirements

We believe the world is a better place with strong community banks and credit unions, which value the person behind the account. Jack Henry’s infrastructure is the backbone of these institutions and the Banno platform is the first wallet experience that your family and your neighbors use to manage every aspect of their finances. Infrastructure engineers in Jack Henry build the services platform that our communities small and large rely on every day.

Our strong vision and strategy to make digital banking personal is at the heart of our partnership with community banks and credit unions. We invest in relationships, and it shows in every facet of our platform. A healthy local economy where everyone is valued as a person opens economic opportunities to build a better world. 

The infrastructure team is responsible for enabling teams to build performant, scalable, and secure services that are responsible for transactions, payments, deposits, transfers, auth, and platform integrations. 

We're looking for engineers who have a highly informed and principle-based approach to building infrastructure that will operate both as North Star and vanguard within our company.

We're looking for engineers who have a highly informed and principle-based approach to software development and building infrastructure.

This position can be worked Remotely within the US.

What you’ll be responsible for: 

  • Plan, design and build the core infrastructure systems used by all of Jack Henry Digital's engineering teams.
  • Debug critical production infrastructure issues that may impact multiple sites and services.
  • Focus on site state and health with the discipline that allows us to easily and automatically move workloads to avoid failure.
  • Work with engineering teams to understand their priorities and emerging needs to prioritize solutions that keep pace with product development
What you’ll need to have: 

  • 6 years of software development or infrastructure engineering experience.
What would be nice for you to have:   
  • Understanding and practical experience in declarative service infrastructure environments (e.g., Kubernetes, Terraform, Istio, Azure).
  • Ability to write high quality code in an infrastructure driven language. (e.g., Go, Python, etc.) Deep experience operating in a Unix shell.
  • Familiarity with the full life cycle of software development, from design and implementation to testing and deployment.
  • Experience implementing and scaling in-memory data structure stores and streaming data pipelines. (e.g., Redis, Kafka).
  • Managed logging platforms, time series metric databases, or distributed tracing infrastructure (e.g., DataDog, Prometheus, Honeycomb).

What's it like to work at Jack Henry?
Jack Henry recognizes the potential for our friends, neighbors, and communities to accomplish great achievements and hold one another steadfast in times of trouble. We empower and partner with local, trusted financial institutions to provide a strong foundation for the financial future of people across the US. 

Jack Henry at its core is a relationship company. In every interaction we are supporting and building relationships that have a direct and powerful impact on our work, communities, and economy. We hire people looking to take on challenging problems in an industry undergoing massive disruption and uncertainty. 

We encourage and support growth in our engineers by hosting cross-team technical talks, paying for opportunities to attend or speak at conferences, and supplying a generous budget for good reading material. We are convinced that investing in your growth is good for everyone. 

We want our organization to be one that supports, challenges, and motivates you to build strong, dynamic connections with your peers and coworkers. To that end we have a highly communicative, flexible, and transparent culture when it comes to our schedules and availability. How well work integrates with your life to give margin and space for the things you hold dear is an important quality of a healthy organization.

We’re here to build trust and connection to provide one another a strong support network. One that allows us to take on creative risks and new opportunities. We retrospect regularly within individual teams to tune up when things are out of place. We extend that same discipline across our teams and organization to make sure that we’re listening to one another and adjusting when we’re off course. It is important to know your neighbor, what they're up to and how we can help. Rather than encouraging team hopping, we rotate our engineers into the standups of other teams and regularly put together cross-organizational working groups to solve problems together. 

At Jack Henry, we’re looking for people that possess a growth mindset as well as a thirst for operating in and contributing to emotionally intelligent and supportive teams. You’re encouraged to apply even if your experience doesn’t precisely match the job description. Your know-how, ingenuity, and savoir-faire will stand out and set you apart. We look forward to hearing from you.